Album: 01-10 Chiang Mai Thailand

     Album:2017:01-10 Chiang Mai Thailand

Then we briefly go to Chiang Mai, which I adore, just for a day or two before flying out of Thailand, and manage to track down Chookie!
Arielle prepares for America
( comments)
We manage to find
our favorite restaurant with Koi Soi, "Best Food In Chiang Mai" (and it's true) ( comments)
We finally learn/guess
how to grab a ride on the public truck taxis ( comments)
And go to a cat cafe!
( comments)
Then back in the center
we search around for a couple hours and manage to find!.. ( comments)
( comments)
The dear cat
from our trip in 2015 that I fell in love with. ( comments)
She loves strong scratches.
( comments)
And we find out that
she actually has owners who take care of her, which is a relief (though I probably would have brought her back to the states otherwise). Her name is "Tao Soh" and she lives at the spice house, near our favorite restaurant ( comments)
Flying back business class,
like a boss! ( comments)
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