Album: 01-04 Yangon Burma

     Album:2017:01-04 Yangon Burma
We arrive late
and walk around the neighborhood, and run into this cute football game in this lit up street. ( comments)
The Burmese temples
really dig their LEDs ( comments)
The Schwedagon Pagoda
which is covered with gold and jewels in ridiculous amounts. ( comments)
Full view of the Schwedagon
( comments)
Schwedagon from the side
( comments)
And is surrounded
by little pagodas, with LED shrines ( comments)
The walkway around the pagoda
( comments)
No nice cameras are allowed,
but phones are. That's interesting. ( comments)
In front of the Pagoda
( comments)
More shrines nearby
( comments)
Find the mouse!
He's coming around the back left corner of the black/white pillar ( comments)
Shrines with TVs, even
( comments)
The main wakway
( comments)
Streets of Yangon
( comments)
Sule Pagoda
is in the middle of one of the busier districts ( comments)
Sule at night
( comments)
Arielle photographing
( comments)
We find a video game
that is basically Rock Band with a drum set, which I kick ass at. ( comments)
The view from our hotel...
( comments)
..after we get back from Bagan,..
( comments)
..we have one night in Yangon again.
( comments)
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