Album: 01-04 Yangon Burma

     Album:2017:01-04 Yangon Burma

We go to Rangoon/Yangon in Burma/Myanmar. The city itself isn't terribly exciting, but the people are so, so wonderful, and the food is so, so good. Heaven.
We arrive late
and walk around the neighborhood, and run into this cute football game in this lit up street. ( comments)
The Burmese temples
really dig their LEDs ( comments)
The Schwedagon Pagoda
which is covered with gold and jewels in ridiculous amounts. ( comments)
Full view of the Schwedagon
( comments)
Schwedagon from the side
( comments)
And is surrounded
by little pagodas, with LED shrines ( comments)
The walkway around the pagoda
( comments)
No nice cameras are allowed,
but phones are. That's interesting. ( comments)
In front of the Pagoda
( comments)
More shrines nearby
( comments)
Find the mouse!
He's coming around the back left corner of the black/white pillar ( comments)
Shrines with TVs, even
( comments)
The main wakway
( comments)
Streets of Yangon
( comments)
img 9610 jpg
( comments)
Sule Pagoda
is in the middle of one of the busier districts ( comments)
Sule at night
( comments)
Arielle photographing
( comments)
We find a video game
that is basically Rock Band with a drum set, which I kick ass at. ( comments)
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