Album: 12-27 Hanoi, Vietnam

     Album:2016:12-27 Hanoi, Vietnam
We splurge and use miles
to go first class. ( comments)
Luxury in first class
( comments)
Middle of the flight,
Arielle is living it up ( comments)
At the First Class Lounge
we eat free food! ( comments)
And then have calming tea
after a free (short) massage ( comments)
Back in Vietnam!
( comments)
Our "Five Star" hotel
in Hanoi (for a couple days) [Video, 7.5M] ( comments)
Waiting for Mango Sticky Rice!
(it wasn't very good) ( comments)
But the food is amazing!..
( comments)
Arielle attacks!
( comments)
Food monster!
( comments)
Obama Restaurant,
to the right. Because Obama ordered this one dish in Hanoi once, and everyone lost their shit! Woo! ( comments)
are made [Video, 2.9M]
So much good food,
we go on a food tour! ( comments)
Learning how the rice paper
wraps ( comments)
Then I try,
and get it perfect on the first try [Video, 11.5M] ( comments)
Charlie's attempt,
has some issues. [Video, 10.4M] ( comments)
A cute little pup
(Husky?) at one of the mini-restaurants. ( comments)
And are (re)taught
how to make Vietnamese rolls ( comments)
( comments)
Sesame balls,
by request ( comments)
See the doorway of the "Phuong Nail"?
That's an apartment.And the door to the right of it? An apartment (four floors, I think), both of them are the width of those doors. ( comments)
( comments)
And then the famous
egg-coffee (which I taste, begrudgingly, but Arielle loves) ( comments)
Tokki toki!
(Bunny in Korean) ( comments)
The bars getting ready to open
( comments)
A street band,
rocks it out [Video, 13.8M] ( comments)
A different kind of street band,
a different kind of rock. [Video, 6.7M] ( comments)
Happy New Year, Vietnam!
[Video, 7M] ( comments)
Out on the town
for NYE (and Dave in one of his new shirts!) ( comments)
The view from our hotel
( comments)
One of the shirt makers
(though most of the shirts were up the street at 40 Hàng Gai) ( comments)
We stop back
after Ha Long Bay to pickup shirts and select fabric galore to make a plethora of $12 dress shirts for Dave! ( comments)
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