Album: 10-31 Halloween

     Album:2016:10-31 Halloween

Halloween, so I pulled my Grim Reaper costume out of storage and we went to a huge Halloween party at the USS Hornet.
My costume.
Showing off how it works... right before I die. [Video, 41.5M] ( comments)
Charlie in her sexy zombie outfit.
( comments)
We Can Do It!
( comments)
Charlie warming up on the way home.
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Dave, Charlie, and Grim
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Lonely Dave
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Charlie dances
to the drum solo [Video, 35.2M] ( comments)
Dave and Grim
[Video, 20.9M] ( comments)
Costume Contest,
I come in at 50s [Video, 393.4M] ( comments)
The final winners come in at 4m15s [Video, 1.3G] ( comments)
The finals,
comes down to me and the zombie family. [Video, 518.3M] ( comments)
Walking with death
[Video, 63M] ( comments)
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