Album: 10-13 Gramps Funeral.

     Album:2016:10-13 Gramps Funeral.

As you may not be aware, I am mostly Viking. Much of this heritage comes from my Grandfather who was a perfect example of this, he was a stoic and strong man. He stopped riding his 1200cc motorcycle at some point in his 80s. He could fix anything, the 1929 Model A that I now drive was kept in perfect running shape by him till it was 60 years old. His memory was like nothing I had ever seen, he could remember the price he had paid for things over half a century ago and had a pretty good humour about life in general.

He created and took care of a family in Minnesota that has grown to become half of my family, and for that I am grateful.

On October 10th my grandfather died in his sleep at 98. He had remarked that life past 95 or so wasn't really worth it, so I think he did a pretty good job at using up the life that he had.

Gramps, you will be missed.

Table of memories
( comments)
Grandpa Al
and his dog Jiggs ( comments)
..and photos,
my gramps over so many years. ( comments)
The Freedom Riders show up,
they had made him an honorary member ( comments)
Carry my gramps
to his final resting place ( comments)
The shoot four(?) volleys
as an honor to my Grandfather's age and service ( comments)
Saying goodbye
( comments)
The kids
( comments)
The grandkids
( comments)
Some of the (19?) great grandkids
( comments)
I meet the father of
David J. Ljung, my namesake that found me on FB before we discovered that we were actually related. ( comments)
Going through memories
( comments)
We meet more..
( comments)
..friends and family
( comments)
Photo of Al & Irene,
in front of the Model A which is now under my care. ( comments)
Grandpa Al proposing to Evelyn
( comments)
Al and his pup Jiggs
( comments)
Al's first wheels
( comments)
The family out to eat afterwards
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