Album: 07-26 Fort-Stellar

     Album:2016:07-26 Fort-Stellar

My second Fortress, this time with Charlie.

Fort Stellar

It ended up being a terrible heartache when we were burglarized and then the cops not only failed to do anything to the criminals, but protected them and kicked us out of the fort. It's a terrible story and yet another reason I have little faith in our law enforcement division, particularly in Oakland.

Tours of the fort
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12-03 Burglary
15 images
First day of the occupation!
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Aerial photo
[2016/08/16] ( comments)
Aerial photo
[2016/08/16] ( comments)
Dave and the garage
( comments)
Charlie at the entrance
( comments)
Back corner
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Dave in the main space
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Charlie working in front
of our little garden patio ( comments)
She's helping prime a bumper
for our Camry "Spanky" ( comments)
Painting the bumper
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Happy couple,
for now. ( comments)
The other side of the fort,
which ended up housing criminals who helped burglarize everything we owned. ( comments)
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