Album: 03-04 Chautauqua Retreat

     Album:2016:03-04 Chautauqua Retreat

We went to one of the last "Chautauqua Retreats".

It was an open forum retreat where people could setup spaces to discuss pretty much anything, and people could safely come and go to whatever spaces they wanted. It was really interesting and we had a good time, though we didn't get many photos except on the first day where Arielle caused shenanigans outside during a non-scheduled time. (The non-scheduled stuff is always the best stuff!).

Forums we/I/Arielle led:
  • Rituals of Love
  • From Sand to Warcraft - How computers work from silicon up
  • Basics of head massage
  • Indoor Nerf Warfare
  • Off-Grid Bus Life
  • Conversations about Modeling
  • Tarot readings

We also didn't get to leave the retreat with everyone else, because our bus sunk in the mud!

It was intense to get it out, as you can see in the album

Deanna lounges
in the pine needley yard ( comments)
Ted and Seth,
find a throne ( comments)
Outdoor crew
( comments)
Seth rolling down the hill
( comments)
Arielle gets everyone
to create "found fashion" in nature, ( comments)
...and then they do a fashion show.
( comments)
I show up
as they realize that sleds work on pine needles ( comments)
..a little too well
( comments)
( comments)
Take 2.
I later tried standing. It didn't go as well. ( comments)
Bat with nails,
shaken up two-liter bottle of soda, glee. ( comments)
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