Album: 02-27 Art Retreat

     Album:2016:02-27 Art Retreat

Arielle and her brother put together a group art retreat which was inspired by the yearly art retreat that she has with her brother.
I braid some cord
to add to my wound wire piece ( comments)
The wound wire thingy
(when finished, it got added to Spanky von Penderton, our Toyota Camry) ( comments)
Ash carving some soap
( comments)
Jesse's treehouse,
incorporating my spiral staircase design ( comments)
Ari and I discussing something
terribly important (on a phone) ( comments)
There is tea time
( comments)
The group art project
never fully congealed. ( comments)
A project of combined writings
and paintings, which was then burned. ( comments)
Ari working on a triangle structure
( comments)
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