Album: 01-17 Truckee SkiVenture

     Album:2016:01-17 Truckee SkiVenture

We head up to Truckee to ski and enjoy Ron and Linda's cabin.
Wadsworth comes with,
and needs to get bundled up ( comments)
Out on the slopes
with Barry ( comments)
We attempt a ski fly-by video.
It doesn't work at all. [Video, 45.1M] ( comments)
The snow piles so deep
that we break a shovel trying to shovel out the driveway, and have to find a replacement at the hardware store. ( comments)
Screaming in the car.
This probably had a purpose once, and it was probably very funny, but I'm captioning this in 2018, so there you go. [Video, 13.3M] ( comments)
Me with beard and snow
( comments)
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