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     Album:2015:11-02 Pacific Northwest:

We took another (annual?) roadtrip up to the Pacific Northwest to spend time at the hot springs, Eugene, Portland, and the peninsula (Port Townsend and Port Angeles) to see Arielle's family and friends. It rained nonstop. We really need to pick a different time of year.
Wadsworth got to travel
up to the PNW! ( comments)
I found another improv jam
in Portland, and it was co-run by Mandy from Un-Scripted ( comments)
They picked teams
from people who submitted their names, I was on one of the teams and it was fun. ( comments)
One of the teams onstage
( comments)
Visiting Moz
( comments)
Walking cool!
( comments)
Hanging with brother Jesse
at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center ( comments)
Something interesting...
( comments)
The aquatic Dave
is unsure of cameras ( comments)
Strange fish life
( comments)
If Jesse is serious,
then I must not be, and vice-versa ( comments)
This was our guide,
and she was hilarious, because she loved fish, and she loved using the word "hilarious" ( comments)
Arielle and the fish
( comments)
( comments)
Dave wants seafood
( comments)
We go to the woods
and film some dancey video stuff with Jana and Patsy ( comments)
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