Album: 10-31 Halloween

     Album:2015:10-31 Halloween

My love and I were supposed to go the big Halloween party at the Armory in SF. They claimed they would have tickets available as people left after midnight. But the Amory had found out they couldn't do that, and forgot to tell anyone. It would have pissed me off, except I was with my Zombie Love.
My zombie love
and my disembodied torso, being carried around by the Grim Reaper ( comments)
20151101 013114 jpg
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Side view of the Grim Reaper
The Reaper's gloved hand on the left side of the photo is actually mine, and the arm coming off the disembodied torso is fake, and my other arm is on the other side. ( comments)
I am a zombiephiliac.
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Walking around the Mission
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The Grim Reaper
meanders down the Mission ( comments)
Who is that wandering skull!?
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