Album: 10-18 Ren Faire,

     Album:2015:10-18 Ren Faire,

I've always found Ren Faire fascinating but never found the time to put it in my life. Rose is a member of the Yeoman's Guild, the Red Guard who carry and protect the Queen around in her chair. She invited me to come be a Yeoman since they were running short, and Nick and I did it for two days, Arielle came on the second day. It was amazingly fun, and the Yeoman's guild is great, they spend most of their time telling jests and wooing women. A perfect job.
My love comes and joins me
at Faire. ( comments)
The Yeoman's guard!
( comments)
Last day of Faire,
we setup a mock "crash" of the Queen's chair with drunk Yeoman everywhere as a joke for the morning parade. ( comments)
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