Album: 08-24 Burning Man,

     Album:2015:08-24 Burning Man,

Burning Man number 15.

It was intense.

Arielle and I both became serious crew members of the Bijou. I was documenting how it was built because the future of the Bijou and of the Bijou build was/is an interesting and unsure question.

It was my longest time up at BRC so far, over two weeks. And the Bijou is awesome and incredibly hard work, so it took up all of the build and teardown time, as well as a couple of days to recover. Hence the incredibly small set of photos at BRC that are not the Bijou.

It's wonderful to be deeply embedded in creating something you love, and it's a great group of people to work with.

I do hope (expect?) to see the Bijou again, though a break from that much work isn't so bad either.

Bijou Build Notes
(for possible future builds)
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Bijou photos by other people

206 images
Traditional stop
at Donner Pass ( comments)
We play with light
( comments)
( comments)
..and shadow.
( comments)
Greeters stations, empty
( comments)
Marking off the Bijou spot
with Sam ( comments)
Looking back at the city,
before everything has really begun. ( comments)
Build camp is setup
( comments)
Tango'd up in Blues
is parked at space "7" around Center Camp ( comments)
The electrical connector
on the boxes supplied by BRC center camp power grid. ( comments)
The frame is up
( comments)
Peter and Nabi's shed,
nestled up against the bus ( comments)
20150828 080903 jpg
( comments)
Putting up the chandelier
center hole. Sadly, in the wrong fucking spot. It was measured twice by multiple people, so I don't know how that happened. ( comments)
The jig we need to hang
the chandelier, so we can fit the moulding ( comments)
Putting up the Chandelier
( comments)
Making sure it all lines up
( comments)
Arielle and Adiel
working on the Miroir mural ( comments)
Beautiful Bijou,
with the Marquees up ( comments)
Marquees and the moon
( comments)
20150829 072827 jpg
( comments)
Peter and Nabi
after the dust storm ( comments)
The city starts to build
( comments)
Putting up the screen.
Very difficult. Not my strong point. ( comments)
Trying to get the proper stretch,
and no bubbles, all with staples, is hard. ( comments)
Arielle and Pedro
setting up the nail gun. ( comments)
Arielle putting up Lauan
( comments)
My secret door
(for the AV room) ( comments)
Putting up the proscenium
( comments)
Robot Heart shows up
with Feed The Artists and they give us a party and some food! ( comments)
Arielle at the impromptu
dance party. ( comments)
It's not often that Robot Heart
comes to you ( comments)
"Becoming Human"
was this beautiful robot at Center Camp. One of the best pieces I've seen. I thought it would be great if the arms would move over the week and eventually wield weapons
This is what happened.
I think I would enjoy talking to the artist. ( comments)
Curtains from the sconces
( comments)
Sconch closeup
( comments)
Speaker install
( comments)
...amazingly just using velcro.
( comments)
Bijou is up!
( comments)
The old rosebud mural
was intentionally faded on the back side. ( comments)
The furniture sits on the playa
for a surprisingly long time. ( comments)
The Bijou in the distance
( comments)
Youtube BRC hit: "You Can Always Come Home"
Great shot of the Bijou at 1:03 [Video Fest300] ( comments)
TuiB, our camp
( comments)
Arielle does her thing
( comments)
Love (and a weird head thing)
that someone gave us at the Bijou [photo Sunny D] ( comments)
[photo Sunny D] ( comments)
[photo Sunny D] ( comments)
We run into Sunny D
[photo Sunny D] ( comments)
Arielle dancing
in her onesie ( comments)
The burn night.
Gintare, Leo, D A, Peter, Nabi ( comments)
Dave at the Temple burn,
looking like Hellboy, evidently ( comments)
Break time
( comments)
The Bijou complete
( comments)
The build crew
( comments)
img 0980 jpg
( comments)
The crew on top
of the Bijou ( comments)
( comments)
Closeup 2
( comments)
( comments)
The marquee is dropped,
thanks to a VR (vertical reach) lift. ( comments)
Pulling the top marquee
( comments)
Dropping the Marquee
( comments)
Attaching the straps
( comments)
Marquee on the ground
( comments)
Fixing the straps
( comments)
Off the roof
( comments)
Down she goes
( comments)
Both marquees, grounded
( comments)
Finishing with the roof
( comments)
Lane and Christophe
( comments)
Exhausted workers kissing
( comments)
Down to the frame
( comments)
Generator fail #3,
fixing the windings ( comments)
Heading home,
stopped at Sierraville ( comments)
Washed up
at Sierraville Hot Springs ( comments)
Blowing out the air filter.
Awesome. [Video] ( comments)
( comments)
Dusty return to SF
( comments)
Aerial shot
showing center camp. The red bus can be seen right next to the shade structure for Tango'd up in Blues ( comments)
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