Album: 07-30 Return to NOLA

     Album:2015:07-30 Return to NOLA

We return to NOLA, still considering buying property and hoping to spend a couple weeks there before heading to Burning Man so we can get an idea if it still makes sense.

Unfortunately (as we knew) the bus had been broken into while we were in Barcelona. What we didn't know was how much damage and destruction there was and it took all of our time to rebuild the bus. It was not pleasant.

You can see the bus damage/repair photos at:

Bus Breakin Album

Kat's cat
Daisy ( comments) amusing
( comments)
One of the properties
we consider buying. ( comments)
Looking through a junk store,
I see this watch covered with a green patina. It's $25... ( comments)
..I ask the shopkeeper if it works.
He says no. After some looking at it I realize that it has an old style setting (you pull a lever out from the side) and the watch works perfectly. Score! ( comments)
The good old Spotted Cat
( comments)
Relaxing on the bus
behind Kat/Walker's house ( comments)
Bus door
[photo Arielle] ( comments)
Arielle makes light
( comments)
Light woosh
( comments)
My dancing girl
( comments)
Heading out of town,
we stop at a park with hookups and are the only ones around. ( comments)
Pirate Dave looks out amongst Texas
( comments)
Fuel is so cheap,
that we fill up the veggie tanks with diesel.
Over 400 gallons of fuel, lasts us until long after Burning Man. ( comments)
Arielle is the driver
( comments)
We visit Tia Tortuga
(Arielle's RV) in it's storage in Vegas. ( comments)
Finally back in SF
after being gone for over a year, we have lots of mail. ( comments)
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