Album: 07-03 Herrang

     Album:2015:07-03 Herrang
Coming to Herrang
( comments)
Herrängs kiosk!
( comments)
The beautiful
Swedish sunsets ( comments)
Storms take out the power,
and bands help out with classes [Video] ( comments)
Arielle takes classes as a lead
[Video] ( comments)
Lennart is back to head the meetings
( comments)
Arielle in the African class.
A natural [Video] ( comments)
Friday party when we arrive, "Folkets Park"
which is the Swedish amusement park, but all I care about is that they have cotton candy! ( comments)
My Swedish family visits,
Karl-Arne, Birgitta, Leif and Anette ( comments)
Gunhild Carling
( comments)
Gunhild Carling,
while Dawn Hampton watches [Video] ( comments)
Carling band comes into the Bar [Video]
( comments)
I have leftover food
that was saved for Mr. Peterson... ( comments)
So I put out some food
for this little guy. ( comments)
He wants more.
( comments)
We name him "Hookie"
(not "hooky, but "Hoo-kie"). As in "Herrang Mookie" ( comments)
And we become good friends
( comments)
Victor goes 1/2 Satan
at the Piratvagn ( comments)
Walking with family
( comments)
I teach Karl-Arne and Anette
some Blues foundations. ( comments)
We can't find a good
spot, so I have to hold my laptop up for music, but they end up coming to the Blues dance that night! ( comments)
Arielle starts to sing [Video]
( comments)
Hookie wants food!
( comments)
Hookie becomes a regular
visitor, and then other cats appear. ( comments)
This one we name Ghost.
( comments)
There is food for all.
( comments)
And then more.
( comments)
Arielle teaches a "Booty Hip Hop" class
at night, and she is spectacular ( comments)
Arielle introduces her class [Video]
( comments)
Arielle runs through the choreography
[Video] ( comments)
Arielle sings some more!
[Video] ( comments)
Arielle has a group wall dance
[Video] ( comments)
Arielle plays the piano.
Herrang is turning into an Arielle talent show! ( comments)
Hookie visiting
( comments)
( comments)
Nuria comes from Barcelona
( comments)
Nuria in the sun
[photo Arielle] ( comments)
Week 3 Friday Party: "Become your opposite"
I help Lloyd run an opposite maze, people have to walk their colors across the maze blindfolded, while given the opposite direction needed. Here is a near collision! ( comments)
I decide that my opposite at Herrang
is the excited new guy.
It's actually my 15th year, and I'm old and bitter.
Arielle is nice, so she decides to be rude and angry and bitchy for the night. It was hysterical. ( comments)
I get a photo with Chazz!
Most exciting new thing ever! ( comments)
Waiting for one of the Herrang Week photos
I eat Arielle's head ( comments)
Erica relaxing
( comments)
Nuria meets our Herrang cat, Hookie
( comments)
( comments)
( comments)
Doing some repairs on the Piratvagn
( comments)
Hookie and Ghost,
spending lots of their time hanging out with us now. ( comments)
Late night dance clearing out at 3am,
because someone likes to play scratchy records. ( comments)
While people are still dancing
in the Dansbana a couple hours later, because the music is not horrible down there. ( comments)
Nobody here!
Thanks for your authentic records with the crappy mono and scratchy sound, just like it sounded when people danced to bands in the 30s.... No wait, that's not true. ( comments)
Frankie Fun-Split Surprise 6000!
is brought back from last year. It is our creation, and it is delicious. ( comments)
( comments)
Arielle eats Nabi's head
( comments)
Nabi and Arielle both happen
to have fuzzy creatures on their backpack. ( comments)
Arielle and Nabi
at the shore ( comments)
Looking out on the ocean
( comments)
Dave and Arielle
( comments)
The ocean
( comments)
Dave on the dock
( comments)
Robert brings paintball
equipment to Herrang. Awesome! ( comments)
( comments)
The battlefield
( comments)
Playing paintball
[Video] ( comments)
After battle
( comments)
The paintballers
( comments)
Late night band comes into the dancers
and gets down low ( comments)
And then Robert brings
bubble football to Herrang.
Robert is the king of fun. ( comments)
Ridiculous sportsball
[Video] ( comments)
Time for some of my
traditional Four Square at Herrang.
Arielle plays king and Victor goes out [Video] ( comments)
Nabi gets last place [Video]
( comments)
Victor is king
( comments)
Hand Sanitizer ad
(for the record, I don't believe in hand sanitizer, but this was Carl's project with Chester that I got caught up in, and I did some great stunts and came up with the bloody hand at the end) [Video] ( comments)
"Shadow' joins the ranks
of Ghost and Hookie ( comments)
I really, really...
( comments)
..wanted to take this one home.
( comments)
Hookie in the sun
( comments)
The gang
( comments)
Then it's time for teardown,...
and Hookie calmly watches us packing up to leave. ( comments)
We bought a Swedish car!
( comments)
More ridiculous sportsball [Video]
this time as part of the Friday Party (for some reason) of Invasion From Mars. [Video] ( comments)
It was like being in high school
and getting a driver's license. We would grab people and just go for a cruise around the village. ( comments)
Dave the Swedish Driver
( comments)
We managed to win a few matches
( comments)
Friday party,
aliens everywhere. ( comments)
Including this alien.
( comments)
Dawn watches
( comments)
Anne on trampoline!
( comments)
Our bags, waiting for the bus.
( comments)
Leaving Herrang.
( comments)
Where's the bus!?
( comments)
Dropping off the Piratvagn
and Swedish car ( comments)
Arielle points to the Herrang sign
( comments)
The bus stop we take to get to
the Piratvagn and car, and the first sign for Herrang. ( comments)
Flying out,
they have no towels in the bathroom [Video] ( comments)
Exhausted, getting ready to fly back.
( comments)
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