Album: 06-18 London

     Album:2015:06-18 London

Our re-entry to Europe coincided with a good friend who needed a house sitter in London for a couple weeks, so we stopped in London and loved on her cat before heading to Herrang. It was a really nice way to relax after all the travel and let Arielle see London without the hectic run-throughs we had done prior.
Arielle in London
turning back into a first world citizen.. ( comments)
..and doodling
( comments)
They named a bar after me.
( comments)
Housesitting this little monster
( comments)
Georgia was wonderful
( comments)
But hidey.
( comments)
It took a while for her
to relax and trust us ( comments)
She's a good kitty.
( comments)
Dancing in London
( comments)
Georgia finally opened up
( comments)
We're in London,
so we see a show, Stomp! ( comments)
A very liberal menu,
allowing me to choose any sauce?! ( comments)
And was able to play.
( comments)
We were staying near
the Arsenal stadium. Which was funnier from this angle. ( comments)
( comments)
We find improv in London
the Duck Duck Goose Improv Jam ( comments)
And Arielle jumps in
at the jam, and does great! ( comments)
At the Blues bar
( comments)
We stop to get oysters
(or I do, Arielle doesn't like oysters) in my old neighborhood near Guy's Hospital. ( comments)
We go to the Tate Modern Art
museum. The most exciting part is a place where you can use a touch screen to draw art which is projected randomly on the wall. ( comments)
The sketch I did of Arielle
Which I can now say was displayed at the Tate! ( comments)
The family practice.
Really? ( comments)
We go to see
a Cosmo Shelldrake show, because Arielle is a fan. ( comments)
He was pretty good,
actually. ( comments)
And then we went dancing
at a club, and Arielle rocked it out ( comments)
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