Album: 06-03 Phillippines

     Album:2015:06-03 Phillippines

We travel to Surigao City to see Arielle's father and his fiancee/wife Gracie. After some time in Surigao, we then took a ferry to Cagdiano island.
A really great tree.
( comments)
Instead of Tuk Tuks
they have little "trikes" ( comments)
..which are built on motorcycles
( comments)
and are awesome.
( comments)
The inlet right near
Arielle's dad's place ( comments)
Dad's wife, Gracie
shopping for foodstuffs ( comments)
Arielle's dad and I
looking at produce near the house. ( comments)
They have many cats
in their inner courtyard. ( comments)
Robert pretends he
doesn't like the cats, but I am not convinced. ( comments)
Dad and Gracie's home.
( comments)
Trike repair
( comments)
Spiral staircase to nowhere!
( comments)
Collection of sim cards
from a couple of years of travel ( comments)
"If you don't have one,
you're a loser."
Great advertising. I was forced to buy one to make sure I didn't become a loser! ( comments)
There's a carnival near the water
( comments)
..with a precarious
Ferris Wheel.
We bravely/stupidly decide to go for a ride. ( comments)
Looking down from the cage of death.
( comments)
The street below that we will
surely collapse on once the Ferris Wheel inevitably falls. ( comments)
We were the only ones on the ride,
but it kept stopping. ( comments)
This was my seat.
For real. ( comments)
Arielle, in angel form, points
up to where we died on the Ferris Wheel of Death and left our corporeal bodies. ( comments)
Also at the carnival,
plenty of gambling ( comments)
Kitty awaiting our return.
( comments)
We buy some mangosteens
to try ( comments)
They are bizarre looking
and interesting to take apart, but most importantly they are quite delicious. ( comments)
We take a ferry
( comments)
My love up on the prow
with her dad behind. ( comments)
We go to Cagdianao island...
( comments) meet Gracie's family.
This is her Auntie "Ate" Dolores ( comments)
..and her Ate Elma
(who was sadly bedridden most of the time) ( comments)
And I meet their adorable kitty
named "Amo" ( comments)
Amo was delicious.
( comments)
And adorable
( comments)
Gracie and Dolores
( comments)
Mr. No Noi
is one of Gracie's nephews. ( comments)
...who was fascinated by me
(doing some work) ( comments)
( comments)
Gracie is shy, but
great if you can capture her on a camera. ( comments)
And my love
( comments)
And my filipino kitty love
( comments)
Gracie and Amo
( comments)
Little Amo, big paws.
( comments)
Ate Dolores
( comments)
Dolores in the window.
( comments)
Sniffing Amo
( comments)
Mr. No Noi shows us
a silly game on his phone. ( comments)
We get a tent for our bed.
It doesn't help, because there is a cockroach infestation in the mattress. It was not good. Amo tried to protect us. I don't want to talk about it. ( comments)
Amo, our Savior
( comments)
We take a long trek
alongside the island with Gracie's nieces/nephews Danila and Mr. No Noi ( comments)
...who graces us with her singing
(which is pretty amazing for a little kid) [Video] ( comments)
And also her nephew Ellie Boy
who was quite shy. [Video] ( comments)
At the beach, with snacks!
( comments)
Beach paradise
( comments)
A stray dog comes along
( comments)
Danila on the beach
( comments)
Danila is also a monkey,
as it turns out. ( comments)
Playing on the beach
( comments)
We go out into the water on a big adventure.
We are looking for snorkeling fun, but the water is rocky/corally and shallow for hundreds of meters. Finally only Mr. No Noi and I continue on, and make it out to the break, which turns out to not be that interesting. Then on the way back we head left of this photo and strike gold! It was a snorkeling paradise like I had never seen, with lots of valleys and coral and fish. Amazing and exhausting. ( comments)
Danila makes a heart.
( comments)
Gracie relaxing
( comments)
Gracie attacks Danila
( comments)
Exhausted from a very, very, very
long adventure, Mr. No Noi and I finally make it back to the beach. ( comments)
Telling of the adventure.
( comments)
And relacing with my love
( comments)
And we find Karaoke.
So we get Danila to sing again.
She's a bit nervous at first, but then... [Video] ( comments)
I help with Air Guitar,
for which I rock out mightily ( comments)
[Video] ( comments)
Then Arielle and I
rock it hard, with "Living on a Prayer" - for which I play drums, just like in Rock Band. [Video] ( comments)
Seriously rocking hard.
( comments)
Gracie and dad
( comments)
Danila helps
( comments)
Gracie and Arielle
( comments)
Gracie, normally shy,
but not here. ( comments)
Then I help Danila
sing my favorite Filipino song. Which I don't actually know. [Video] ( comments)
Singing with Danila
( comments)
Top score!
( comments)
Then Mr No Noi finally
jumps in, and we help out. ( comments)
Mr. No Noi the singer.
( comments)
I win "Hardest Rocker"
( comments)
Stray puppy on the beach.
( comments)
Arielle relaxes
( comments)
Walking back to the ferry
( comments)
We get ready to head back
( comments)
Saying goodbye to Gracie's family
( comments)
Arielle and dad, again on the prow
( comments)
Pirate Dave on the boat.
( comments)
The channels see some really huge ships
( comments)
Arielle sings the
"Riding in a Tricycle" song [Video] ( comments)
The public market
( comments) the center of town..
( comments)
..where we pick up some fish
( comments)
More adorable Trikes
( comments)
Trike traffic
[Video] ( comments)
Gracie and pops,
getting food on our last day. ( comments)
Hot damn.
Damn hot. ( comments)
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