Album: 05-15 Singapore.

     Album:2015:05-15 Singapore.

We went to Singapore! It was quite a culture shock from the rest of Asia, Singapore is very first world. So we taught a Blues/Lindy workshop thanks to the excellent queen of swing dancing in Asia, Sing Lim.
Workshop flyer
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Teaching in Singapore
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Post workshop dancing
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We find improv in Singapore,
and jump in on a jam. ( comments)
Watching the improv jam
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Post workshop dance
at the workshop location. ( comments)
We do an Escape Room
(and come a few seconds short of escaping) ( comments)
On top of the Marina Bay Sands
(a monster set of towers) ( comments)
View from the Marina Bay Sands
( comments)
The darkened sky
coming across Singapore ( comments)
Okay, so this mall
has a canal. With boats. ( comments)
Dancing at a Lindy Social,
showing off our "Sugar Push" variations. ( comments)
2015-05-17 18-51-59 HDR
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2015-05-19 18-59-17 HDR
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2015-05-19 19-00-39 HDR
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2015-05-19 19-10-43 HDR
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