Album: 04-19 Chiang Mai, Thailand

     Album:2015:04-19 Chiang Mai, Thailand
For fun we ended up teaching
a drop-in class a couple times. These photos taken by Jake Chiam
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Ice fruit shakes everywhere!
(makes a happy Dave) ( comments)
Dave hits the gong
and experiences vibro-nirvana [Video, 21M] ( comments)
Mango Sticky Rice!
( comments)
( comments)
Swingout class
For new swing dancers [Video, 8.5M] ( comments)
[Video, 12M] ( comments)
We find another sweet street kitty
at a local corner store ( comments)
Who blinks at the camera
[Video, 8.6M] ( comments)
TV for the cats to watch
( comments)
We go to a fancy restaurant
and dig in. ( comments)
Figurines at the restaurant
( comments)
Delicious figure at the restaurant
( comments)
Anusarn night market
is fascinating, and we find.. ( comments)
Instant ice cream rolls
and a very silly girl ( comments)
Cat cafe??
(I actually don't remember where these cats were) ( comments)
We find this little
street urchin who comes into our life... ( comments)
We (illegally) bring him into our room..
( comments)
And he is very happy.
( comments)
We name him "Chookie"
("Mookie" is a shortened version of "Monkey" that was a nickname for Mr Peterson, and "Ch" from "Chiang Mai) ( comments)
He hangs out in our hotel room
a bunch of times ( comments)
Which is fine with us.
( comments)
And he often waits outside for us
on our rented scooter. ( comments)
He also can sneak into
the hotel, and so he often comes straight to our door and meows until we let him in. [Video, 5.5M] ( comments)
We start shopping for wedding dresses
(or, more specifically, for designs to make our dress) ( comments)
Balancing circus cats
We find a "Cat Cafe" in Chiang Mai and get work done surrounded by frolicking cats. ( comments)
I crush your head!
( comments)
Seriously, I crush your head!
( comments)
Cat Cafe attack!
[Video, 9M] ( comments)
( comments)
Chookie comes back
and crashes at our room. ( comments)
Arielle and Chookie
Chookie was a really wonderful animal. It was hard to say goodbye to him. ( comments)
The 'long' night market
on the South end of the walled city ( comments)
This man, and his parrots,
sell magazines. ( comments)
Arielle gets a metal hair thingy
( comments)
And we go shootin'!
(There's a "fair" like area with airsoft shooting guns, and Arielle does pretty well! ( comments)
We find another Cat Cafe!
( comments)
And the cats are much more
interested in people (and we are the only ones there) ( comments)
Fat face
( comments)
They are less cuddly
( comments)
Though they can sometimes
be convinced. ( comments)
Especially with catnip
flavored pasty stuff ( comments)
Cat or lemur?
( comments)
Cats that are in play mode
always look surprised. ( comments)
Cavalry of cats
( comments)
I think Thai is meant to sound offensive. [Video, 50M] ( comments)
We take a cooking class,
that takes us to a market first. What the hell are these? ( comments)
Hanging off the Songtaew
at a slow cruising speed [Video, 15M] ( comments)
Hanging off the back of the Songtaew
that we ride to the cooking class location ( comments)
Hanging off the back of the Songtaew
that we ride to the cooking class location ( comments)
Arielle prepping her dish
( comments)
Dave eating his dish
( comments)
20150426 172336 jpg
( comments)
Our teacher
shows us how to make drunken noodles. ( comments)
The ingredients
for just about every Thai dish.
Curry paste, shallots, onions, galangal, lemongrass, ginger, garlic,... ( comments)
Arielle the Thai chef
( comments)
We hang off the Songtaew
on the ride home. ( comments)
Arielle and Dave,
riding the back of the Songtaew [Video, 15M] ( comments)
Stuntwoman Arielle
( comments)
A bathroom sign
with some of the greatest translations ever.
"hang a bag or , the thing keeps the rear"
"please use toilet paper as much as necessary"
Sound advice. ( comments)
More awesome signage:
"Probably the best pizza in town" ( comments)
Intro Blues class
(Arielle is helping lead) [Video, 15M] ( comments)
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep ( comments)
Beautiful carvings,
but they have a hard time holding up against Angkor Wat. ( comments)
( comments)
Inside the temple
( comments)
Asking for money
is evidently the Buddhist way ( comments)
Buddha buddha buddha
( comments)
An even bigger temple
hidden in the back ( comments)
Is pretty amazing.
But how do you climb those steps? ( comments)
( comments)
( comments)
Fat buddha
(donate money!) ( comments)
Fat buddha
This story is amazing, where "amazing" doesn't quite mean "amazing". ( comments)
Big temple!
( comments)
This cracked me up...
selfie sticks were all the rage, and this woman spent many minutes making her friends wait until finally a friend came over and helped her many times to try to position the selfie stick...
Instead of just taking the damn photo. ( comments)
Chiang Mai street market!
( comments)
With delicious street food.
( comments)
An incredible setting
for a street market ( comments)
( comments)
Food court underneath the temple
( comments)
One of the many restaurants...
( comments)
..where we search out Khao Soi
( comments)
But our favorite restaurant,
also the one where we first discovered Khao Soi. (We jokingly went there because it was advertised as the best restaurant in Chiang Mai, which we thought was funny, then it turned out to be true. It was just a block East of our hotel ("The Lamer") ( comments)
I was interviewed
by a Russian friend of my host about Blues Dancing. I failed to get (or remember) his contact info, so I have no idea what happened to the interview or if it was published in Russia... ( comments)
..but I got the raw footage,
so I might put it together some day. ( comments)
The wall
around the main city ( comments)
The side of a derelict building
( comments)
My girl, looking special
as ever. ( comments)
We went to a dog rescue
( comments)
..and met many dogs.
( comments)
It didn't take long
for the less-scared ones to figure out who to talk to. ( comments)
( comments)
Happy dogs
( comments)
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