Album: 04-14 Angkor Wat and the temples

     Album:2015:04-14 Angkor Wat and the temples

We went to Angkor Wat and the surrounding temple cities expecting to see some nifty old ruins.


Very few times in my life have I seen things that have blown my mind.

The photos, of course, fail to blown minds in the same capacity.

It's not that surprising in retrospect, it combines so much of the things that tend to create the most awe in my life: stone, vastness, oldness, decay

Though I just found out you can walk through pretty much the entire structure of all the temple cities using Google Street View. So evidently our entire travel adventure has been rendered obsolete by technology. :)

Angkor Wat
Often the main temple, the one the area was named after, and quite impressive.
28 images
Banteay Kdei
Is beautiful and collapsing
25 images
Ta Prohm

25 images
Angkor Thom
The massive temple city. And a monkey.
48 images
Preah Khan
Also simple and beautiful
29 images
Neak Pean
Also known as "Jayatataka" - a small island temple surrounded by a massive (and dry) moat.
19 images
Angkor Thom Sunset
We head back to Angkor Thom for the New Years festivities.
57 images
Our passes
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