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Then it's on to Cambodia. We took a grueling night bus ride that, for some reason, gets to the border four hours before the border opens, then the bus driver goes to sleep and we are locked in a bus with no bathroom. And the damn sleeper seats are pretty uncomfortable. So it was an adventure. We went to Phnom Penh first, which wasn't terribly exciting, then on to Siem Reap, which I liked (perhaps more than Arielle), and from Siem Reap we twice visited the temples at Angkor Wat which were awe inspiring (and have their own album
At the border,
entering Cambodia! ( comments)
Great buildings
( comments)
First order of business,
get a scooter! ( comments)
In front of a temple in Phnom Penh
( comments)
Independence Monument
( comments)
The chili sauce from Vietnam!
So delicious! ( comments)
We find Shakshuka
(in two restaurants, one as "Suck Saka" and the other as "Israel Food #1) ( comments)
In front of the Palace
(which has a sign like Vegas!) ( comments)
( comments)
A nearby hotel
has a mini theater that reminds me of the Bijou ( comments)
With comfy seating.
We watch a movie with the whole place to ourselves. ( comments)
At the hotel we are staying at. ( comments)
On another night bus,
this one marginally more comfortable. ( comments)
We get the back bunk,
which is bumpy as hell. ( comments)
Siem Reap!
The view from our penthouse hotel suite! ( comments)
Looking off to the side.
( comments)
Our penthouse suite!
We are on the top floor, with our own deck mini-pool. We decided to splurge for one night. ( comments)
Traditional Cambodian Dancing
( comments)
Which we get to see
at a buffet/dance show. ( comments)
Cambodian Dancing
( comments)
More dancing
( comments)
And oddly, after the finale,
the dancers stand still on stage while people go stand next to them and take photos. ( comments)
We switch to a cheaper (but very comfy hotel)
( comments)
How ice is delivered
in Cambodia. Awesome. ( comments)
In a tuk tuk
( comments)
We happen to walk into a parade
( comments)
( comments)
Then the parade of tuk tuks..
( comments)
People on horses...
( comments)
And old-timey cars!
( comments)
We buy Arielle a new paper of glasses
for supercheap. ( comments)
The main area near 'Pub Street'
( comments)
We find a little puppy!
(at a nearby hotel) ( comments)
We almost switch hotels because of it
( comments)
Temples in the city
are impressive, until we see Angkor Wat. ( comments)
Pan of the river at night
( comments)
( comments)
We leave our little penthouse,
which was luxurious, but too much. ( comments)
We stumble upon
the Cambodian New Year ( comments)
..Which is a wild and dusty party
( comments)
People are shooting each other
with water and baby powder. ( comments)
Powdered Arielle
( comments)
There's people and powder everywhere.
( comments)
Cambodian New Year
(Like the Cambodian Songkran festival) ( comments)
Bridge over Cambodian Water
( comments)
The hotel lets us
use their partner hotel's pool, which is lovely. ( comments)
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