Album: 03-21 Vallodolid

     Album:2015:03-21 Vallodolid

My beautiful fiancee had a modelling job in Vallodolid, so we were flown out for the day and stayed an a lovely hotel. It was a pretty sleepy town, but it was nice to see another part of Spain.
On the plane
( comments)
In the airport,
Arielle really likes to take photos of me in airports. ( comments)
So I get her back.
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On the plane, we meet
Carlos/Charlie. We saw him dancing solo with gusto at the gate and thought that was great, then we ended up sitting next to him. He was an amusing character. ( comments)
And loud too..
Singing on the plane, with no concern for the other passengers. [Video, 92M] ( comments)
Looking at our hotel (the green building) ( comments)
Walking around
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Cute little streets
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And long walls
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Looking out the first floor of the hotel
which used to use the water power, it was something like a mill. ( comments)
Now that's just creepy.
Zombie Jesus. ( comments)
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