Album: 02-13 another year at Goodnight Sweetheart,

     Album:2015:02-13 another year at Goodnight Sweetheart,

Teaching at Goodnight Sweetheart North of London again.
Great camp.

This time I was able to bring *my sweetheart* and she assisted me since Ursi couldn't come this time.

At the airport
( comments)
Picadilly Circus
During our brief trip to London on our way to GNSH ( comments)
Teacher's Demo
with my love ( comments)
The "Teacher's Cabaret"
where I did a social dance wit Arielle, Joseph was announcing it as "David's Valentine, Arielle" - but the video title got messed up somehow. [Video] ( comments)
Arielle learns line dances
just by watching them... [Video, 54.6M] ( comments)
..WTF? Okay, so she's talented.
(Seriously, this is her first time seeing this dance, and she's doing it at the same time) [Video, 41.2M] ( comments)
Late night hardcore!
( comments)
Latenight people rock
( comments)
Sunday late.
( comments)
Making the logo
( comments)
And then the late night
becomes a dance party ( comments)
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