Album: 11-26 XGiving

     Album:2014:Road Trip:11-26 XGiving
A dirty bus after a long journey
( comments)
The family relaxing into XGiving
( comments)
And us relaxing into
my parents fantastic tub ( comments)
I give a tour of the bus
( comments)
And teach the family
the game Resistance ( comments)
Jerry getting gravy ready
while Sophie disapproves of photo taking ( comments)
Stella hiding
( comments)
And then I bring back Speed Ping Pong
( comments)
Ping Pong!
[Video, 9M] ( comments)
Sophie takes Parker out
by clipping the table [Video, 11M] ( comments)
Arielle goes out,
then April at 3 people [Video, 30.4M] ( comments)
Getting food ready
while Parker raids the fridge ( comments)
Dave is power chef!
( comments)
Dad grills the second turkey
( comments)
Steamed face!
( comments)
Final kitchen prep
( comments)
The table ready
( comments)
Exhausted Dave
( comments)
Mike and Parker prepare
the spicy yams ( comments)
( comments)
Sophie and Stella
( comments)
Cooking happens often,
which is why the kitchen is the biggest room in my Parents house ( comments)
Patricia arrives
( comments)
My parental units
( comments)
Warren and his lovely lady
( comments)
Gerry whipping up the gravy
( comments)
And a frozen fountain
( comments)
We do the tour
of the Xmas lights house ( comments)
They have lots of lights and statues
( comments)
Mike and Dave:
Face-off! ( comments)
Playing the improv brain-melting game,
photo album and math problems ( comments)
Talking after dinner
( comments)
Playing "Suspend",
wherein I fully abuse the rules. ( comments)
Then I make some necklaces
for Burning Man, and Arielle makes a massive glass pendant ( comments)
Arielle's pendant
( comments)
Putting the glass in the kiln
( comments)
The Big Red Bus in Geneva
(never thought I'd see this) ( comments)
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