Album: 11-25 Madison

     Album:2014:Road Trip:11-25 Madison
The Big Red Bus
at the state capitol! ( comments)
One of my favorite places,
the capital! ( comments)
Madison State Capital panorama
( comments)
Madison State Capital dome
( comments)
Dave at the Capital
( comments)
The dome is (somewhat) open,
and I get to see down for the first time. ( comments)
Then I sneak up one more level
- peering out the glass at the city ( comments)
Driving through my city,
down State Street. ( comments)
State Street doesn't allow cars.
Just buses. ;) ( comments)
Bookstore mall
( comments)
Looking up towards Bascom hill
( comments)
We hike up the hill
( comments)
Back by the math building
( comments)
With my love
( comments)
Arielle becomes tiny
at Union South ( comments)
Good old Abe
( comments)
Beautiful Bascom
( comments)
Another Bascom pan
( comments)
Two of my favorite homes!
The Big Red Bus looking at Bassett street. ( comments)
Looking at the engineering building
( comments)
We head out to Picnic Point
( comments)
Ogre at Picnic Point
( comments)
..Finds a winter princess
( comments)
Looking back at the capital
( comments)
Jolly Bob's!
My favorite restaurant in the world which, to my dismay and surprise, closed just a week after we ate there. ( comments)
..but at least Arielle
got to eat there once, and they had Chicken Well Curry (and gave us the recipe!) ( comments)
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