Album: 11-24 Minneapolis MN

     Album:2014:Road Trip:11-24 Minneapolis MN

On to (St Cloud and then) Minneapolis, where we see more family!
First we visit Todd and Jody
in St. Cloud ( comments)
Arielle meets my cousin
( comments)
They come out to see the bus
( comments)
And Jakob and Caleb
are fans! ( comments)
Then in Minneapolis,
showing the bus to my Uncle Ken ( comments)
Dinner with Ken and Shari,
Tracy and Eric, and Iris and the troublemaker Daphne ( comments)
The very serious Iris
( comments)
Very, very serious
( comments)
A chocolate-fed Daphne
( comments)
Then we head out towards Madison
and stop at one of the most full truck stops I have seen (this is only the first line of trucks) ( comments)
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