Album: 11-23 Alexandria MN

     Album:2014:Road Trip:11-23 Alexandria MN
Picking up my Gramps
in the Big Red Bus ( comments)
20141123 144210
( comments)
In front of big Ole
( comments)
Arielle gets to meet Ole
( comments)
Showing my Gramps and Uncle John
some of the family research I'd done ( comments)
Recreating this picture
but with my Gramps instead of Great Uncle nth-removed Bernt ( comments)
And happily,
Arielle and Gramps get to meet ( comments)
Back to Gramp's house
to see his photo albums ( comments)
Gramp's info:
Albin's cousins Olof and Joel Engnell ( comments)
Gramp's info:
Engnell's reunion ( comments)
Gramp's info:
Bernt Lindstrom's house from 1988 ( comments)
Gramp's info:
John Ljung's sister Marta ( comments)
Gramp's Swedish wall
( comments)
Me and my Gramps
( comments)
The Ljung family.
We're all vikings. ( comments)
Family resemblance
( comments)
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