Album: 11-17 Weir Creek Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

     Album:2014:Road Trip:11-17 Weir Creek Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

We spent a few days at some hot springs in Montana, Weir Creek (which was great) and then we stopped by Jerry Johnson (beautiful, but not warm enough for the cold) on the way back.
Parked at Weir Creek
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We take the trail,
in "chilly comfortable" style. ( comments)
The trail
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Walking up in my robe
and leather jacket. ( comments)
Danger portion of trail.
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Hidden at the top is a mini pool.
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The steam covers the trees
with frost ( comments)
..Which is nestled under a tree.
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The main pool,
overlooking the river. ( comments)
Warm comfy.
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Looking down at the river
on the trail back ( comments)
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