Album: 11-14 Driving Montana

     Album:2014:Road Trip:11-14 Driving Montana

Montana is a long state to drive through..
Strange company
at the "50,000 Silver $ Bar" in Lincoln (which had free RV parking + electrical hookups! So great on a freezing cold night!) ( comments)
Arielle becoming
an experienced bus driver ( comments)
What a strange oddity
to find in the middle of a truck stop in Montana. A Golden Gate Bridge bus. Took a moment to notice the strangeness of it. ( comments)
Speaking of strange...
( comments)
It starts getting cold..
( comments)
We try out gambling
at a rest stop, with a whole $2 ( comments)
..And get back $2.04!
That's a 2% increase in investment, in only a matter of minutes! ( comments)
Picking up veggie oil
in Billings ( comments)
Gravity feed,
no pump required! ( comments)
Driving with the P
( comments)
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