Album: 11-03 Port Angeles

     Album:2014:Road Trip:11-03 Port Angeles
The bus,
parked at Arielle's mom's house ( comments)
Looking out the front door.
( comments)
We drive up to
Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park with mom and Dwight ( comments)
Arielle at the top
( comments)
A massive black bird
( comments) waiting for us to die,
so he can feast on our entrails. ( comments)
Photo album time!
(And I see my nerdy fiancee as a kid) ( comments)
We drive out to the spit,
looking at Port Angeles ( comments)
Arielle and mom
( comments)
Out at the spit
( comments)
It is quite a view
( comments)
Multi-Arielle Panorama
( comments)
Multi-Dave Panorama
( comments)
Arielle has me
in the palm of her hand (true) ( comments)
Mom and Arielle and Dave
( comments)
I learn the recipe
for Chicken and Dumplings, so I can make my Arielle happy ( comments)
I finally tame Cleo
to sit on my lap (Dwight and mom's cat) ( comments)
We discover "Happy Motors"..
( comments)
An amazing VW graveyard
up in the forest. ( comments)
( comments)
Dave demonstrates
the choreography Arielle should dance (for her "Dance a Day" project) ( comments)
The singing family
[Video, 76.5M] ( comments)
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