Album: 10-11 Portland

     Album:2014:Road Trip:10-11 Portland
The Portland sign
( comments) the distance
( comments)
Time for Halloween!
( comments)
My anachronistic cavewoman and I
( comments)
We go to an 80s party,
my cavewoman dances ( comments)
Dancing cavewoman
( comments)
Arielle on air guitar
[Video, 3.5M] ( comments)
"Oooh... we're halfway there"
[Video, 9.2M] ( comments)
"Oooh... living on a prayer!"
(Dave on Air Guitar) [Video, 17.1M] ( comments)
The party was huge
(at the Crystal Ballroom!) ( comments)
Arielle dancing to
monster Joan Jett [Video, 8.5M] ( comments)
Arielle zombie dancing
[Video, 6.1M] ( comments)
We park by St. John's Bridge
( comments)
And I investigate the structure..
( comments)
..for possible zombi..lypse fortifications
( comments)
Under St. John's Bridge
( comments)
We visit Samantha
( comments)
One of our favorite parking spots,
by the electrical station ( comments)
We find a go-kart racetrack
( comments)
I bring my own helmet
( comments)
At the racetrack
( comments)
Walking around Portland
in the Fall ( comments)
Arielle and her brother
Jesse, who comes and meets us in Portland on his way down South [Video, 13.9M] ( comments)
And we cook Shakshuka!
( comments)
Showing Jesse how to ride
the Airwheel ( comments)
Then we go to a nickel arcade
( comments)
And play lots of games!
( comments)
..and rock out!
( comments)
We buy Mr. P a fuzzy blanket
( comments)
It takes her a while
to realize that she loves it. I do not help. ( comments)
I am...
Hong Phat ( comments)
The brige raises..
( comments)
..The best view
is on top of the bus ( comments)
Arielle visits Jana
( comments)
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( comments)
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