Album: 09-24 Goodbye Party

     Album:2014:09-24 Goodbye Party

The excellent Victor and Nabi teamed together with help from Nathan, Alison, Arielle and others and gave me a wonderful surprise, a surprise Blues event as an after party at Cat's Corner.

Most photos taken by the excellent Larry Colen

The regular Wednesday dance,
my last Cat's Corner as an SF 'resident'
1 folder , 9 images
And then I was kidnapped
and driven around SF blindfolded for 45 minutes by Arielle and Nabi, on what ended up bringing me back to Cat's
16 images
And there was a late night party!
1 folder , 15 images
Dinners with friends/family
17 images
The view from the fort
(actually taken 2013/12) ( comments)
One of the reasons
I am ready to leave SF, it's continued attack on vehicle living, even in the industrial wastelands that still have copious parking available and no neighbors to upset. ( comments)
A reminder of the silliness
that I love about SF, the day before I leave ( comments)
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