Album: 09-18 SFLX

     Album:2014:09-18 SFLX

Photos from the San Francisco Lindy Exchange.

After being involved with SFLX from 1998 and then organizing SFLX since 2008, it was time to move on. So this is the last SFLX I expect to run and was also a bit of a goodbye party I gave to myself since I was moving out of SF a week later. Thanks to my co-organizer Ben for many years of a great event.

Photos taken by the most excellent Larry Colen except for the "Photos by Dave", obviously, which also includes Gordon's "I Like Pie" and the SF All Star Kazoo Band

at the 9:20 Special with Fil Lorenz
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Friday Evening
with Barbara Morrison
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Friday Late Night
19 images
Saturday Evening
with Gordon Webster
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Saturday Evening
with Gordon Webster and guest Barbara Morrison!
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Saturday Late Night
15 images
Sunday Daytime
at LitP
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Sunday Evening
with the Hot Baked Goods
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Sunday Late Night
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Daves Photos
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I look like I'm running for president
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