Album: 09-14 Last SFSU HvZ

     Album:2014:09-14 Last SFSU HvZ

My last HvZ game at SFSU as a resident of San Francisco
Organizer Adam,
who set the dates so I could make it one last game! ( comments)
Coming back into base..
( comments)
I have a big shield
on my back because I'm a medic ( comments)
Prepping for combat
( comments)
Mission briefing
with Ammiel and Small Fry ( comments)
Point system for missions
( comments)
We move forward
as zombies approach ( comments)
Arielle protecting us
as we head back ( comments)
Getting attacked from all sides
( comments)
We keep heading back under fire,
Arielle and Small Fry kicking ass ( comments)
Reloading in the middle
of the last stand ( comments)
At the moment
my entire team gets annihilated (and our brains eaten) - actually Darrell had a resurrect, and Sean briefly got away, but they were soon destroyed - this is right before the last stand ( comments)
Heading out to the final battle
( comments)
The last stand
(I get resurrected by the medic for the final round) ( comments)
Arielle tags Anthony
sneaking around the back of the last stand line (probably the last kill of the day!) ( comments)
The last standing
( comments)
Exhausted Dave
( comments)
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