Album: Engagement

     Album:2014:08-20 Burning Man:Engagement

I told Arielle that Victor and I have a tradition of going out to the edge of town (the "trash fence") and taking a joke photo of us at sunset, so when Victor and Dee showed up, we headed out to meet them at the fence for a sunset photo.

This much is true, Victor and I had taken some epic photos at sunrise at the trash fence, but nobody was coming to meet us at the fence that day.

The reason for the ruse?

One of the happiest days of our lives:

Dave and Arielle at the Man,
on our way to the edge of town ( comments)
Running back because,
like a dope, I forgot my camera, and I run across Natasha who snaps this photo of me in a hurry ( comments)
"And I'm dancing.."
[Video, 2M] ( comments)
[Video, 13M] ( comments)
Post-engagement photo
( comments)
Post-engagement kiss
( comments)
A pan of the mountains
( comments)
A pan of the sunset
( comments)
My winged goddess,
flying back home ( comments)
Post-engagement photo
at the temple ( comments)
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