Album: 06-26 Barcelona

     Album:2014:06-26 Barcelona
Our first plane ride!
From Praha to Barcelona ( comments)
We find dancing,
and it's great! ( comments)
Arielle dancing in Barcelona
[Video, 22.8M] ( comments)
Arielle's first partner dancing
outside of a few weeks in SF ( comments)
Amazing trees outside the club
( comments)
..which Arielle loves
( comments)
Super leaf fantastic
( comments)
Our AirBnB has a porch
attached to our room on the top floor, ( comments)
..which means Mr. Peterson
is free to go outside and bake in the sun.: ( comments)
..she is overjoyed
( comments)
Happy cat
( comments)
In love at Juicy Jones,
the most excellent food place in Barcelona ( comments)
We find a dragon hoodie
we almost buy for monster Odin, our friend Haley's baby ( comments)
Artwork on the street
( comments)
Statues in the distance:
( comments)
The beautiful sky
( comments)
Dancing at the beach
( comments)
Dancing at the beach!
( comments)
Dancing at the beach!
( comments)
With Arielle
at the beach ( comments)
Our good friend Victor
shows up in Barcelona, and we go for a late night walk ( comments)
And the three of us find a band
outdoors after midnight. What a lovely city. ( comments)
So we dance for a bit
( comments)
Cultural attacks!
[Video, 8.1M] ( comments)
The amazing streets
( comments)
We come across a pride parade
( comments)
( comments)
Again with the incredible streets
(and a beautiful woman, too) ( comments)
Every day, Mr. P
is curled up on the porch ( comments)
An outdoor dance
for one of the Lindy Hop schools ( comments)
Arielle dances
[Video, 14.5M] ( comments)
Nathan's theme song,
in Electro Swing [Video, 15.6M] ( comments)
Walking home past a fountain
( comments)
Looking down on the city
from Park Guell ( comments)
I own Barcelona now
( comments)
Kissing at Park Guell
( comments)
Arielle in the park
( comments)
Arielle kisses the lizard
( comments)
Serious photo
( comments)
Not serious
( comments)
From inside Park Guell
( comments)
We rent a scooter!
( comments)
Driving through the windy streets
[Video, 48.4M] ( comments)
And go to the top of Tibidabo
( comments)
Arielle over the city
( comments)
The Cathedral
at the top of Tibidabo ( comments)
On the way down,
we meet a wild boar! ( comments)
Our last night,
we go to "Harlem" in old town ( comments)
Dancing at the Blues Bar
[Video, 772k] ( comments)
( comments)
..Where I eat her face
[Video, 44.7M] ( comments)
Then it's on to Montjuic
( comments)
..where we hiked
all the way around ( comments)
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