Album: 06-10 Koln DE

     Album:2014:06-10 Koln DE
Love locks on the bridge
( comments)
More locks
( comments)
This square was poorly conceived.
It is above an opera house, and the walking of the passerbys can be heard below, so they need to keep people off of the square during shows. ( comments)
We meetup at an outdoor dance
( comments)
And walk back along
the love locks bridge ( comments)
Amazing feathery dress
( comments)
Total disaster.
My soup container in my bag breaks (on the way to the workshop!), and destroys my laptop. I try to save it to no avail, and I'm forced to buy another one in the states and have Arielle ship it to me. ( comments)
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Post class
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After class
( comments)
Post class
( comments)
Dancing after classes,
we go to bar ( comments)
( comments)
Holding court,
as I am wont to do. (Probably about contemporary Blues scene history if I recall correctly) ( comments)
Talking at the afterparty
at a bar ( comments)
In a vintage store,
what a strange find, a Santa Rosa patch! ( comments)
Shadows down on the museum floor
( comments)
Up in the church
( comments)
Up high
( comments)
this is a children's candy. ( comments)
( comments)
We put Maja's luggage
in this awesome underground storage system. And then we forget to take the ticket. ( comments)
We climb to the top
of the Koln Cathedral of St Peter (K├Âlner Dom) ( comments)
It is a majestic beast,
reminiscent of the St. Vitus cathedral ( comments)
Partway up,
Jesus talks to us! ( comments)
..(Through the sculpture work)
( comments)
Darker version
( comments)
Looking down on the city
( comments)
Really great curves
( comments)
That Arielle would appreciate
( comments)
The ouside of the cathedral,
high up ( comments)
Fencing and curvy concrete everywhere,
it reminds me of City Museum in St. Louis, MO ( comments)
And of course,
stained glass ( comments)
The holy conference room of Alibar,
where Jesus held the Last Meeting ( comments)
And the holy catapult of Eckengrotz,
which Jesus used to slay the Monty Pythons. ( comments)
My cat fell in love with the bedding,
as she does. ( comments)
Sleepy mookie!
( comments)
Europe and Asian food:
A Japanese restaurant, serving all types of Asian food, with a Scandinavian welcome sign, in a German city` ( comments)
I find a fantastic Ginger Beer!
Almost as good as D&G! ( comments)
Mr. P waiting in the airport
( comments)
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