Album: 05-20 Frankie-100

     Album:2014:05-20 Frankie-100
Frankie 100 Logo
( comments)
Frankie100 makes the front page
of the New York Times! ( comments)
We had a show
at the Apollo. The actual Apollo. [photo Tamara] ( comments)
The registration tables
I setup (I was tech support) ( comments)
The crowds dancing close to the stage
( comments)
I think this was the late night
( comments)
The Carling Family
from Sweden [Video, 27.8M] ( comments)
The masses in the main floor
( comments)
Dancing on the street after
( comments)
Calle, Alison, Nathan and Ken!
( comments)
Preparing the balloon rig
( comments)
The balloon drop
at midnight! [Video, 27.5M] ( comments)
The entrance,
the white '100 Frankie' in the backgroun is a projection on the neighboring building. ( comments)
We did 'no-looking-at-the-paper'
sketches of our neighbors. This is my sketch of Jeremy ( comments)
Jeremy's sketch was the winner,
no surprise. ( comments)
Me imitating Maja's sketch of me.
( comments)
This is what Maja looks like
to the world. ( comments)
Part of the massive parade,
which I got to "lead" ("lead" as in walk in the front and keep the pacing) ( comments)
Fish of Herrang films me,
while I film him and the parade [Video, 10.7M] ( comments)
Chazz leads the Shim Sham
[Video, 33.8M] ( comments)
The countries at Frankie 100
( comments)
Some of the staff
with Frankie projected on the building next door ( comments)
The Frankie100 Team
[photo Johannes Schmidt] ( comments)
The Frankie100 Team
"Jazz Hands" [photo Johannes Schmidt] ( comments)
The Frankie100 Team
"Vogue!" [photo Johannes Schmidt] ( comments)
After Frankie100,
we head out dancing in NY ( comments)
And we find Gordon Webster
and take over a bar with Jazz [Video, 27.5M] ( comments)
And after the full event,
Jay is out cold ( comments)
Shutting down
[Pao, Tim, Ruchi, Elliott, Jay and Dave] ( comments)
We serve Sweet Potato Pie
(Frankie's favorite) to 2000 people. [photo Ben Hejkal] ( comments)
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