Album: 02-14 Justin Visits

     Album:2014:02-14 Justin Visits

Justin came to visit, and I immersed him in a bunch of the games I've been invested in. First we tried to Escape From The Mysterious Room, which is an interesting full-room puzzle. Then Jericho, the Nerf spy game, and then on to HvZ at SFSU! A full weekend! We also managed to setup my hot tub and get my Model A back on the road. Rock!
Escape from the room.
We fail... ( comments)
..Though we're not in the room.
So actually I take it back, I suggest we won. ( comments)
Justin is a gangsta.
( comments)
On the walk
for Jericho ( comments)
Listening to the rules.
( comments)
Waiting for the end game.
(I'm actually in this photo) ( comments)
A bunch of dead people
( comments)
Epic disguise
( comments)
Nick and Nabi
pull off an undercover "date" to get close to the heart and win! ( comments)
Nick and nabi, superspies
( comments)
The Jericho crew.
( comments)
Post Jericho,
Super Duper Burgers. ( comments)
HvZ setup
( comments)
Preparing for the final round
( comments)
Getting ready,
the zombie "boss" ( comments)
Justin and Nate prepares to eat brains.
( comments)
Starting the final round
( comments)
Moving the team
( comments)
[Video, 17.4M]
( comments)
[Video, 73M]
( comments)
Here comes the death
( comments)
HvZ, total chaos
( comments)
Trying to move over to the other side
during the slaughter battle. ( comments)
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