Album: 07-06 Gaddede

     Album:2013:07-06 Gaddede

Calle is stuck up in Gäddede taking care of his mother, so Alison and I go up to see him and Ida for his birthday.
Alison and Calle overlooking the land
at Martin's potato farm ( comments)
Alison looking at the view
( comments)
We visit Ida
( comments)
Rock and Roll!
( comments)
Having some burgers
on Martin's farm with Martin's son. ( comments)
Calle's Birthday [Video, 67.5M]
( comments)
And then the nurses always come
and send us out ( comments)
We visit neighbors,
and Calle sings some more! [Video] ( comments)
Alison visits Norway [Video, 46.2M]
( comments)
It turns out
that boring Gaddede has a beautiful waterfall. ( comments)
Waterfall panorama
( comments)
The long shot
( comments)
We climb up to the waterfall,
and look down. ( comments)
The ravine
( comments)
Looking down the ravine
[Video, 10.2M] ( comments)
Calle and Alison
watching me risk my life. ( comments)
Singing on the way back
(without Alison's assistance) [Video, 49.3M] ( comments)
Dave loves rocks and water.
( comments)
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