Album: 06-26 Herrang

     Album:2013:06-26 Herrang

A great year at Herrang Dance Camp, though sadly Calle was not available, so Alison and I ran Mission Impossible ourselves.

Consequently I worked far too hard.

Seems to be a strange trend in my life. I'll need to work on that.

Mission Impossible!
[photo Alison Scholtz] ( comments)
What is Mission Impossible?
(I think this was played week 2) [Video, 88M] ( comments)
The Mission Impossible Newsletter,
mainly created because this was the only way that Herrang would let us tell people about Calle's plight. ( comments)
The most amazing mission,
we save a bird's life. ( comments)
Actually true.
We had a bunch of dancers climbing up 40+ feet and trying to get to a bird that was 20 or so feet out. ( comments)
It took quite a bit of planning
and about 3-4 hours of work. ( comments)
The bird was tangled up
with loads of fishing wrap tied and wrapped around it's feet. It had been tangled for a while, and had caught the line in the tree and was hanging upside down. ( comments)
Our Mexican-Lithuanian restaurant,
you know, like they have. [photo Alison Scholtz] ( comments)
Calle visits,
happily. [photo Alison Scholtz] ( comments)
Calle doing what he does best.
( comments)
Jumping with Usha!
[photo Milda Baginskaite] ( comments)
We are asked to film
a fire safety video. [photo Roy Wiggins] ( comments)
Ohan and I as cranky old men.
( comments)
You damn kids!
[photo Roy Wiggins] ( comments)
Fire Safety!
I love how the video turns out, but the camp videographer at Herrang finds out that we are also doing her job, but for free, and she freaks out and the camp cancels their plans for us to do videos. Another Herrang moment. [Video, 86M] ( comments)
But I did end up on stage
to explain Mission Impossible, and we were given a mission [photo Tamara] ( comments) Swing Out
to the Mission Impossible theme song.. [photo Tamara] ( comments) god, that's impossible!..
[photo Tamara] ( comments)
..the theme song is 5-count..
[photo Tamara] ( comments)
..Mission Accepted..
[photo Tamara] ( comments)
And Mission Accomplished.
(wish I had a photo of the routine, it was actually quite fun.. anyone??) [photo Tamara] ( comments)
Friday party theme:
Viva Las Vegas! ( comments)
The pole that Mission Impossible builds
( comments)
Since Calle wasn't around,
and Week 1 party was Vegas, we needed an Elvis to marry people for Las Vegas night. ( comments)
I didn't know my hair could do that.
( comments)
Ladies and Gentlemen..
The King! ( comments)
[photo Roy Wiggins] ( comments)
Thank you very much!
( comments)
Rock and Roll!
( comments)
Marrying Ohan
( comments)
( comments)
Big wedding
( comments)
Big wedding!
( comments)
The best wedding we had,
with backup singers. [Video Ann Venette, 27M] ( comments)
Herrang is building a hotel!
( comments)
The hop shop girls
( comments)
I am attacked by kisses
( comments)
Late night
( comments)
Harry Potter ride
at a Tivoli heading North to see Calle ( comments)
The beautiful Swedish North
( comments)
Where Calle is the real Elvis,
of course ( comments)
..Backup singer
( comments)
Beautiful waterfalls
near Gaddede [panorama] ( comments)
Beautiful waterfalls
near Gaddede [panorama] ( comments)
Back at Herrang
playing (Swedish) Dominion I have an epic final deck, two actions, 5 Gold, 5 Provinces ( comments)
Winter Wonderland,
(week 2 party) playing in "snow" with Kevin St Laurent and my doppleganger. ( comments)
My doppleganger,
mini-me. ( comments)
The snow was flour,..
( comments)
..which takes a long time to get out..
( comments)
..of your hair, clothes and eyes
( comments)
Wishes from Santa
( comments)
It's so cold!
( comments)
Bobby B decided to capture
my doppleganger and I in action. ( comments)
[photo Alison Scholtz] ( comments)
[photo Alison Scholtz] ( comments)
( comments)
( comments)
My Swedish family
comes out to visit me! ( comments)
Week 3 party, Haunted House.
Everyone's a zombie, so I run around as one of the last humans, while protecting the lovely Ane-Zombie ( comments)
Mission: stage a car accident
for the Haunted House. So I jack one of the camp cars ("Krang"),.. ( comments)
And with some fake glass,
some dummies, and a smoke machine, the effect is astounding, with some of the Herrang drivers asking what we've done to poor Krang! ( comments)
The car wreck.
( comments)
Post apocalyptic wreckage
( comments)
The Cat's Corner SF crew
came out in great numbers. ( comments)
A pirate at the World's Fair
(week 4 party) in an Indian Bazaar seduces a crazy Polish woman [photo Santiago Veloz] ( comments)
Looking at the strange
small flag contest [photo Santiago Veloz] ( comments)
Mission: Help make ..volunteer shirt fit.
( comments)
Mission accomplished.
Actually this was done week 1 or 2, but was used as an example in a Mission listing I did during a week 4 meeting to introduce Mission Impossible and in which we did (with Lloyd) a 5-count swing routine that evidently looked great, but I have no footage of, because that's the Herrang way. [script] ( comments)
Another great dominion game final deck
(taking advantage of teaching new players, I suppose) ( comments)
And again..
( comments)
Mission Impossible tattoo!
Identifying me as a secret agent. Perhaps that's not a good way to go undercover. ( comments)
And of course,
we run a Hooters. ( comments)
The Hooters meeting video
done as a parody of the Herrang Film Festival meeting video which we saw every single week that looked exactly like this ("Forget Cannes"...) (and which I incidentally won the first week by resubmitting the Herrang Blues Educational video - the only entry) ( comments)
[photo Victor Dods] ( comments)
[photo Victor Dods] ( comments)
And then the week 5
theme is "Slumber Party" - and they have me play the dad. I do some improv acts with Cat (storytelling, the "birds and the bees",..) that ends up being superfun - I wish I had a recording of them. [photo Victor Dods] ( comments)
Cold Usha
( comments)
My beautiful little Swedish home.
(a post-HDR production using img1 and img2 and these instructions ( comments)
Walking to the FolketsHus
( comments)
Time to be a pirate!
( comments)
Foggy day
with Pao and Lloyd ( comments)
Herrang fog
[panorama] ( comments)
I finally start to build...
( comments)
..the floating dance floor!
(with help from Victor and Alison) ( comments)
MI makes a weekly newsletter
(because it's the only way the camp will let us post about Calle's problems) ( comments)
The mad scientist
playing with a marble toy in the cafe ( comments)
Late night (morning)
( comments)
Late night panorama
(that didn't work so well) ( comments)
The beginnings of the dock
that I am building for the boats, later torn down by a resident in Herrang who is a control freak ( comments)
The floating dance floor is finished!
(with workers to help put it in storage) ( comments)
Loading it into the truck.
The next year I get in trouble for "using all the week 6 workers to move the floor". Interesting. ( comments)
My Herrang movie collection
( comments)
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