Album: 04-12 Future Sounds of Swing in Leeds

     Album:2013:04-12 Future Sounds of Swing in Leeds

Ursi and I went to Leeds to teach at the Future Sounds of Swing camp.

The tracks had names of animals instead of levels, and we taught the Blues track for the whole weekend which was the "Koalas"

And because our track was awesome, many people came with Koala shirts and Koala markings on their face.

Ursi back in the classroom!
( comments)
The lovely Lisa Newton
is one of our Koalas ( comments)
Class practicing
[Video, 10.6M] ( comments)
The Koalas!
None of the other teachers had a dressup class. :) ( comments)
Helen (our teacher liaison)
and the Panda they gave to Ursi ( comments)
Our classroom
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The Koala crew.
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We play a game of Assassin.
Each of us gets a target and a weapon we need to "kill" them with. I am dastardly, so I win (even though I'm teaching!), with more than double the points of second place. At one point the Assassin's organizer puts down his code sheet, so I take a photo. I'm a spy, right? So all's fair when you're a sniper. ( comments)
At the very cool student union,
which has many strange levels and stairs. ( comments)
Ursi and her Koala
( comments)
The last dance
( comments)
Downtown Leeds
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What a very polite sign
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Mr. P hides
at our amazing hosting location ( comments)
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