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     Album:2013:04-11 London

I finally got my cat into London, which meant I got to spend the month there. Fantastic! Saw some shows (Spamalot (not great) and Book of Mormon (great) and Harry Potter, for Usha's sake) and had a lovely (though expensive) time.
Harry Potter movie studio set
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Walking through the Tube
with Virginie ( comments)
With sexy blurotatecam.
( comments)
I bus up to Oxford
to check out their dance. ( comments)
That is a polite notice!
( comments)
And amazingly run into Dan Parshall,
who is in Oxford because he's interviewing a potential job. ( comments)
Small and punky troublemakers.
( comments)
The Blues room,
after the dance ( comments)
Then it's London,
where I run into another unexpected Dan, from Australia. (Swing Pit near Brick Lane) ( comments)
Double Deux Chevaux..
is that four horses now? ( comments)
London walking bridge
( comments)
Guy's Hospital in the distance,
near where Virginie, my host, lives. ( comments)
There are these fantastic
shores along the river that almost nobody uses. ( comments)
Looks like a government building?
Bzzt! It's St Paul's Cathedral ( comments)
London streets
( comments)
London streets
( comments)
I meet up with Jodie in London
and we go with her boy and their friends to a bar that has *fancy* drinks. ( comments)
With smoke and stuff..
( comments)
But also an incredible band
( comments)
Mr. P wrapped around my arm.
( comments)
Holy cow, how was I not reported?
( comments)
Then I see Spamalot.
Big disappointment ( comments)
And it's back to the.. the Globe Playhouse
( comments)
Which looked very different
from when I saw the actual excavation back in '93 ( comments)
And then I saw this magical dog,
a Kodi Bear reborn, being walked through the station ( comments)
Passing Clouds again
( comments)
Wait... what??
This is a serious concern? ( comments)
And I got a chance
to see an improv show in London, which was interesting. ( comments)
Shooting an interview
with Virginie ( comments)
Working at my host's place
( comments)
An interesting find
walking home.. ( comments)
The "Cross Bones Graveyard"
( comments)
Then CJam,
one of the populated and larger dance venues. ( comments)
And Passing Clouds,
populated but not larger. ( comments)
..but at least live music
( comments)
Virginie dancing
( comments)
The band
( comments)
Surveying the world
I have conquered [interview snapshot] ( comments)
Dancing with Judy Cook
( comments)
( comments)
London at night
( comments)
And then I run into Iain and Dana.
Crikey, what is it about running into people in London! ( comments)
I meet up with Rachel
( comments)
..and we go to a Comedy show
( comments)
My last weekend,
the London Lindy Exchange! ( comments)
Gordon at LLX
( comments)
Dancing w/ Serena
at LLX ( comments)
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