Album: 04-09 Paris

     Album:2013:04-09 Paris

I went to Paris for a day to get settled in Europe and then to hitch a ride to London, since the silly UK still doesn't let people fly with PETC into the country, even with an EU pet passport. Ridiculous. At least they've removed the quarantine.
I get to see Sylvain,
after many years. ( comments)
The Seine
( comments)
Sylvain teaches a dance class,
at a posh private school ( comments)
I return to the
Jardin de Luxembourg, which I think I last saw with Carrie back in 93. ( comments)
Notre Dame
( comments)
Across the bridge
( comments)
I try to find Carrie's old apartment,
andI think it's nearish here. ( comments)
The Louvre
( comments)
..with it's pyramids.
( comments)
And the Tower
( comments)
I go to a dance,
and nobody is dancing. Sadness. ( comments)
Then it's on to the ferry.
That sign says something menacing about pets, but my cat doesn't mind. ( comments)
First through passport control
( comments)
My cat watches the proceedings
( comments)
On to the ferry
( comments)
Inside the ferry we park the cars,
but Mr. P needs to stay in the car because she's not allowed on the ferry, and I'm not allowed to go to the car deck while we're in motion. Don't like that. ( comments)
Another ferry behind us.
( comments)
Evidently P&O goes faster.
( comments)
And we exit
( comments)
The white cliffs of Dover!
( comments)
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