Album: 03-30 Operation Save Ida

     Album:2013:03-30 Operation Save Ida

I go to Sweden for three days because I have a good friend, Calle, who has been stuck up there since July trying to battle for getting his mom, Ida, some proper care after her stroke. It's a bit of a tragic story, but hopefully we'll shine some happy light on it.

During my stay I meet Marit at the home that Ida is in, as well as the wonderful people at the Hotel who are supporting Calle, and finally, an amazing farm cat that I almost bring back to San Francisco.

Driving in Sweden's far North
( comments)
The view is beautiful,
but it's a long trip. ( comments)
And the roads
limit your speed (unless you're Calle) ( comments)
Fantastic mountain peak
( comments)
Ida tried to play the piano,
and Calle and his dad. ( comments)
I meet the tenacious Marit,
and we go for a walk. ( comments)
Down by the lake
with Marit and Calle ( comments)
Marit and Dave
( comments)
Heading back.
These sled/walkers are common up North. And Marit forces me to take a ride in her sled for a bit. ( comments)
A five minute drive and then
welcome to Norway! ( comments)
Returning to Sweden!
( comments)
We decide to have a party
to cheer Calle up, with the workers from the hotel ( comments)
Elvis sings
[Video, 11.6M] ( comments)
Rock and Roll!
( comments)
Sara from Libya
( comments)
Elvis serenades Sara
( comments)
Sara shows us some Libyan dancing
[Video, 18.9M] ( comments)
And the adorable cat
joins our party ( comments)
Calle sings for us
( comments)
Sara dances for us
( comments)
with Martin..
Then we eat
egg/shrimp sandwiches ( comments)
..who is a great guy
and runs the farm that Calle is staying at. ( comments)
Thumbs up for the sandwiches!
( comments)
I fall in love
with the little farm cat. ( comments)
..and want to bring him home.
( comments)
..because he's adorable.
( comments)
..but I find a home in SF
for him right when I'm leaving, too late to take him back. ( comments)
He probably needs a new home.
So I might get him while in Herrang. ( comments)
( comments)
Proud cat
( comments)
He becomes a bit attached to me.
( comments)
And hangs out with me
while I'm in town. ( comments)
Happy cat.
( comments)
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