Album: 03-18 Denver and Mile High Blues

     Album:2013:03-18 Denver and Mile High Blues

I visit Justin during Mile High Blues, and we conquer a sled hill

I do Mile High Blues, but I also do lots of guy things with Justin, because, you see, we're guys.

More drumsets.
Evidently these are almost free in Denver, and expensive everywhere else. ( comments)
And another drumset.
No, really. ( comments)
"Operation Pantleg"
- a fling downhill with leveraged leg spin [Video, 30M] ( comments)
Maniac Justin
[Video, 4.7M] ( comments)
We find a jump,
and Justin almost hits a small child. [Video, 10M] ( comments)
"Wrong Approach"
Note sunglasses flying off, this is foreshadowing. "David Madison, Rocketman" [Video, 15.4M] ( comments)
Post crash.
Note destroyed sunglasses. ( comments)
Justin humps the tire
[Video, 12.2M] ( comments)
Justin, with frost eyebrows
( comments)
"Stay The Course!"
[Video, 12.2M] ( comments)
Justin takes the high jump
sitting down and survives. [Video, 8.7M] ( comments)
Done sledding, and exhausted.
( comments)
My desk in Denver
( comments)
Dancing with Andrea [SEA]
( comments)
Dancing with Andrea [SEA]
( comments)
Gordon and his late night crew
( comments)
[Video, 7.9M]
Sean Morse,
joined by Gordon ( comments)
..and then Josh,
the most amazing Blues Trombone player ever, comes up as well ( comments)
Justin murders paper
in cold blood. ( comments)
We go up to
Justin's friend's land with Sakeen, and go hunting snow. ( comments)
Sakeen with an assault rifle.
( comments)
Picking a snow bank
that deserves to die. ( comments)
Justin prepares to kill
( comments)
..takes aim..
( comments)
I murder some snow,
from 50 feet. ( comments)
And then the handgun
( comments)
This is Agent Madison,
drop your weapons! ( comments)
This is my BOOM STICK!
( comments)
My target
(for the AK IIRC) ( comments)
Second target
( comments)
Max in hiding
( comments)
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