Album: 03-16 xBlues #1

     Album:2013:03-16 xBlues #1

And so it begins.

After running an irregular event at a regular venue (LindyBooty),..
And after running an regular event at a regular venue (The Rent Party),..
I decide to run an irregular event at a irregular venue..

xBlues #1

xBlues has it's first excursion, this one to Land's End for one of my favorite hidden spots in San Francisco. A treasure map is made and gear is hauled a great distance for the best Blues Party I've had since LindyBooty. Hallelujah.

The treasure map
( comments)
Hiking the path
[photo Leo King] ( comments)
More dancers
[photo Leo King] ( comments)
Lights shine the way
while the bridge shines the background [photo Leo King] ( comments)
The site starts to fill with dancers,
glowing by the moon [photo Scott Atwood] ( comments)
Ben DJs and dances
Michelle [photo Scott Atwood] ( comments)
The moon.
(Actually a half-moon, but the glow in the camera looks full) [photo Scott Atwood] ( comments)
We finish setting up
the ring of lights ( comments)
Looking down on the floor
from the path above as someone is hiking down (the blue light) ( comments)
Dance floor/beach and the moon
( comments)
Some crazy lit-up cruise ship
passes in the distance ( comments)
The party in the distance,
lit by my monster 100 lumen headlamp ( comments)
And something I didn't even plan,
s'mores! ( comments)
The actual crescent moon,
very dim. (taken with my excellent little point and shoot) ( comments)
At the campfire with Usha
and other good people. ( comments)
Walking back from checking the generator
( comments)
Last dancers standing
( comments)
Last dancers standing
(with flash) ( comments)
We carry gear back,
and Usha and I wait by the gear while Victor gets the car. Then we hear some scurrying. A visitor! ( comments)
..He heads back to his tree
after we shine the light on his near attempt to steal food from by our feet. ( comments)
And after, of course,
is food at Sparkys. Victor, Milan, Patrick, Usha and I [photo Milan] ( comments)
And someone hands me earmuffs
[photo Milan] ( comments)
Post xBlues,
we go to Sparkys ( comments)
The Sparkys gang
( comments)
And of course..
( comments)
..we start to dance
( comments)
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