Album: 03-16 HvZ: Humans vs Zombies

     Album:2013:03-16 HvZ: Humans vs Zombies

We had an HvZ (Humans vs Zombies) nerf war in SF, I've been doing a bunch of Nerf lately (HvZ and Jericho, mostly) and it's a blast, pardon the pun.
photos Mark Probs
We took care of it
while you were *late* ( comments)
Holding back the zombies
( comments)
Nabi runs out into
the middle of Zombie hell ( comments)
Post-mission briefing
and reloading. ( comments)
Nabi and Usha
relaxing after Zombie murder. ( comments)
On the hunt
with Nabi, Usha and Skylar. Nabi has a ridiculous home-made zombie sword. ( comments)
Holding the base
( comments)
Post mission
( comments)
Run for your lives!
( comments)
Usha manages to make it to base
( comments)
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