Album: 02-13 London and GNSH

     Album:2013:02-13 London and GNSH

Ursi and I are re-united to teach for the first time in two years (since her marriage and baby!), our last gig was GNSH'11.

I drop by London first and hang out with the excellent Rachel.

I get to London
and get to see my host, the wonderful Rachel ( comments)
We Tube.
( comments)
And see London,
this is at Picadilly Square, and Rachel has an angel coming out of her head. ( comments)
So we try again,
without the Angel-Tumor ( comments)
And then Chinatown,
where we encounter a dancing dragon ( comments)
..which I view from up high.
( comments)
We find the fantastic dumping place
that Ane and I discovered the prior year. ( comments)
And we attack the delicious food
( comments)
And then to Trocadero
for ridiculous arcade games ( comments)
Like this 3D shooter.
Which we're *supposed* to work together in. ( comments)
Gettin' ready to kill varmints! [Video, 10.7M] ( comments)
Rachel rides the pony.
( comments)
The humiliation of defeat.
( comments)
I have a Big Red Bus in London too!
( comments)
Then it's Goodnight Sweetheart,
and this is the teacher intro (with Joseph bringing out Norma) ( comments)
Teacher thank yous
( comments)
The GNSH group shot!
I'm center, standing two behind Joseph. ( comments)
People showing up for Blues class
at NINE AM. Yeesh. ( comments)
But the class ends up packed regardless.
( comments)
img 2544
( comments)
Later the room is packed solid and stays open past the Lindy Room
Before the Musicality class
('metronome' dancing) [Video, 16.2M] ( comments)
After the Musicality class
[Video, 46.3M] ( comments)
Sunday Late night Blues room
starts up. ( comments)
Late night music jam!
[Video, 11M] ( comments)
after a Blues then 80’s dance party, and then Breakfast!
Unfortunately, at 8am
the DJ dies ( comments)
And the dancers are proud.
( comments)
Last dancers standing
at GNSH'13 ( comments)
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