Album: 12-20 Improv Drawings

     Album:2012:12-20 Improv Drawings

For our improx practice we decided to do some drawing/writing experiments.

First we drew a row, then folded it over so only the lines crossing the border could be seen, then passed it to the next person to draw.

Then we did the Telephone/Pictionary combo - write down a saying, pass it, draw the saying, fold over the saying, pass the drawing, try to write down what the drawing says, etc..

Finally, word at a time stories, but writing. I might have taken the signing credit for some of the stories. Recurring theme? Being alone. I also might have started additional stories and thrown them into the mix during the rotation. I do things like that.

I believe the order was: Lisa, Dave, Derek, Basel, Michael

Drawing connections:
started by Lisa ( comments)
Drawing connections:
started by Dave ( comments)
Drawing connections:
started by ??? ( comments)
[Started by Lisa]
Drawing connections:
started by Michael ( comments)
I wore my favorite s..ecause it is SO COLD
-> I sang a song to my penis after going to jail for my transsexual operation on a cold, wintry day. ( comments)
That's what she said
-> A blind man speaks in suits of cards [started by Dave] ( comments)
Toast is always best when warm
-> The spider child loves to be cooked. [started by Derek] ( comments)
The fortune of idiot..ided by crazy people
-> Snow elf on fire? Wave a ping pong paddle! [started by Basel] ( comments)
My fiancée moved in!
-> Ebony and ivory [started by Michael] ( comments)
Romantic Comedy:
He loved fish. That was her favorite dish. When they ate it, love blossomed between the lovers anew. But one day John became sick because he ate too much fish. Lisette was disgusted, so she kicked him hard. So John punched her jauntily.
Turned off, he wept alone.
The end
(or not).
Family Drama (Extra Credit): Suzy went crazy. The end.
Action: Marco ran alone across the savannah, leaping onto cactuses. He shrieked because he stabbed the cat. Ouch!
The end. ( comments)
Film Noir:
Once upon a time the detective knew the Bread Thief. He was a fancy pants. The whole town wanted to kill him, but the detective was wily and found himself surrounded, yet alone.
The thief knew why the detective loved to dress fancy. It excited him. In no particular order the people filed into his room praying for the end. Shooting from the hip, detective killed Thief man.
The End. ( comments)
Juan stared at her lover with eyes of awe. He was back in Mexico with angina unfortunately.
She was mad about that, but he didn't care. Grabbing her by the face, he yelled, "Bitch!"
She pulled his penis out and yanked on it. "Yikes!" he exclaimed. She was crazy! "I love crazy!"
They fucked like crazy!
The End ( comments)
Vlad wanted to dance with his self (sic). He spoke softly into the closet. "Dance?" "Yes, my love, let us dance."
So Vlad danced with himself.
The end.
Vlad Taltos.
P.S. when you love someone, dance.
Really the end. ( comments)
Gazing into the stars, Barfún knew that he had fucked up.
It was fire everywhere. Yes, and as it grew, so did his fear. Help!
Barfún put out a feeler to the cosmos, but no. There was nothing. He sang crestfallenly to noone, thought quickly, "if only I had glowed brighter when I was alone." But he didn't. "What God?" God said, "Barfún, you lose."
The End ( comments)
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a stagecoach rumbling across the desert alone. Inside there was a parson who wanted to drink fire, by the winding road, or wherever. So, he opened his can of Vodka and downed it. It burned his throat. This was good.
When one was drunk, one would know God.
Amen. ( comments)
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